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The Greatest Band Ever!


They sang in a new era, gave the world a new type of song, and took us to places we couldn't have imagined. And when they broke up, none were lamented more for what else they could have done. Years later, they would come back from the grave, as popular as ever, and sell more albums than any other band in history....They were "The Beatles", and what began with them continues today in a style we call rock and roll...

Yeah, yeah, we all know what they did. And I'm not here to tell you about that. This site is for them as interesting individuals and great musicians. It's what their music is! I love it!! Their music is the best and their movies are the funniest! So, to the Fab Four, I salute you!


Thank you for visiting my website...(an experiment of my mentality). Just kidding! This place is pretty self-explanatory: to explore, the links to my other pages are right up underneath the site title at the top of this page. They're pretty obscure, I'm sorry about that. If you have any questions, comments, ect. you can contact me. I try to have my e-mail address on the bottom of every webpage. This website gets updated everytime I have a free minute, which is relatively often. I hope you enjoy your visit, happy surfing!

"All things must pass...."....And so must youth....

Fellow Beatle and John Lennon fans:

This picture (below) is dedicated to John Lennon. When Mr. Lennon was assassinated in 1980, the world lost one of the greatest musicians that ever lived. To help keep his memory alive, I invite you to take a copy of this picture and post it anywhere. It doesn't matter, bedroom wall, website, anywhere. The makers of this site will be eternally thankful.

Long Live Lennon.

Always remember...

There is a movement going on right now to make October 9th an international holiday, John Lennon Day of Love and peace. If enough people sign the petition, starting in 2005, every October 9th will be devoted to peace, love, and the memory of John Lennon. In countries across the world, the song "Imagine" by John Lennon will be played on tv, computer, and radio at noon. You can help make it happen! Please click on this link above and sign your name and e-mail address. Please sign!

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Introducing....The Fab Four!

Yeah, THE band of the Twentieth Century! Long Live the Beatles!!

It's a revolution,  Beatles style!

The Revolution begins now!

(This is the place to go if you are a post-band Beatles fan! It's for those of you out there who were never able to experience the Beatles era first hand. This Revolution is for all those that came in the generations following the greatest band that ever was, and who still feel their influence today and like it!)

We Love You!  Yeah!  Yeah!  Yeah!

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